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    The following entry was written the first week in December of 2013.  It has been stored on my desktop for the last couple of months until I was ready to share this part of the HYACINTH journey.    I am posting today because like every other day I am so very grateful for the late Charles Faudree.   I cannot think of a better second blog entry to follow the introduction of HYACINTH blog then to share with you the person who encouraged me to embark upon this endeavor in the first place.


    Thursday, December 5, 2013

    Today I have been inspired to write as I have just returned from the memorial service of my dear friend, mentor, hero, encourager, and the very reason for the existence of HYACINTH for the Home. . . interior design icon Charles Faudree. 

    As evidenced by the standing room only packed church sanctuary,   I was one of the many people who were blessed enough to be a part of his life and to call him a friend.   Since his passing last week, I have been walking around with a lump in my throat and a sadness that settled in the very pit of my stomach.   During that time, I have been praying that I would not completely crumble into a million tiny pieces when compassionate friends and family would offer their condolences.  After all, I was not a “blood” relative,  did not see him all the time or even talk to him all the time, we lived in completely different states—I  felt like I needed to maintain composure so  as not to give another reason for the “zany” description of my personality .   So, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other during a typical hectic holiday season.   It is a strange feeling how life keeps moving when it seems like it should really be coming to a crashing halt.  

    Can you think of a person who has been placed in your life that has altered the course of it for the better, been an encourager and loved you unconditionally not because they had to or benefitted in any way but just because?  That is who Charles Faudree was to me.  He believed in me and encouraged me to do something I never thought I could do…just because that was the kind of person he was.    As I sat silent and still in the church pew prior to and during what was the most glorious remembrance of a human life I have ever experienced, my sadness turned to joy, peace and inspiration.    I left wanting to be a better person and to strive to be more like the person Charles Faudree was to all who knew him.

    He has many accolades beside his name, many coffee table books dedicated solely to his design talents, feature magazine articles galore and endless awards but at the end of the day those are the least of Charles Faudree’s legacy.  His most outstanding legacy is about the lives he has touched and made better and more beautiful because he was in it. His talents were merely the vehicle in which he did so.   His life made a positive difference in all the lives that were blessed to have him in it.   

    I made it a point to sit silently in the pew for the hour prior to the service so as to observe those arriving and not to miss a moment of this time.  The guests that arrived were varied in all ways–all walks of life and styles.  There was a soft buzz as people visited amongst themselves before we were asked to be silent.  What I  overheard were sweet memories being shared about Charles and the exact feeling I had which was that I was amongst one of the most important people in his life if not THE most important person in his life.    That sentiment was conveyed throughout the whole service.  Last night when I placed my head on my pillow,   I reflected on what Charles life taught me.  He taught me that:

    There are lots of beautiful things in this world.  He showed me that it is a gift to be able to enjoy them, create with them, share them, and use them to evoke an atmosphere and a feeling.  I remember him stating that decorating never got boring because there were always new things introduced in the world of interior design.  I have never forgotten when he said “Kate, just remember, there is enough for everyone.”  How true that is on so many levels.    But the most important thing he taught me that every life has value and that we should never let things get in the way of relationships.    

    I loved knowing him.  My life is richer for having known him and there is a HYACINTH because of him.

    The greatest blessing of HYACINTH is the friendships we are making with you our customer.   We look forward to being a part of your lives. This week HYACINTH will be sharing with you through Instagram, Facebook, and email blasts all things Charles Faudree.  We hope to share with you some of his favorite things and the wisdom he imparted to us.    Make sure you are following us and are on our email list so you do not miss a single inspiration.

    Inspiration is a beautiful thing!


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